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Occupational Therapy for Adults

The aim for our highly experienced Therapists is always the same: to restore the client to the lifestyle that they would have enjoyed had they not suffered a trauma. When that is not possible we aim to help them to readjust and maximise their abilities.

Occupational therapy provides practical support to enable people to facilitate recovery and overcome any barriers that prevent them from doing things that matter to them. This support can make a real difference to life, giving a renewed sense of purpose and opening up new horizons.

To achieve our client’s goals we:

  • Understand the unique needs of every individual and assess the current level of function.
  • Implement packages of therapy to maximise our clients’ abilities and opportunities.
  • Work with our clients to develop compensatory strategies for organisational and planning problems.
  • Teach independent living skills including personal care, domestic and financial management.
  • Enable the client to identify and carry out fulfilling leisure activities.
  • Work with architects and builders to ensure that our client’s specific housing needs are met.
  • Identify specialist equipment to assist with personal care, leisure and learning opportunities.
  • Advise on driving and vehicle adaptations.

For a detailed overview of our Occupational Therapy for Adults services, please turn to page 14 in our brochure:

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