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Occupational Therapy for Children

Our team of qualified and highly experienced paediatric occupational therapists can provide a full range of treatment and services for children and young people. They are skilled in working alongside parents, carers, school, colleges and other therapists.

OT Treatment and Programmes

  • Movement control and/or co-ordination.
  • Sensory processing for self-regulation and behaviour.
  • Activities of daily living e.g. feeding, toileting, dressing.
  • Fine motor and hand skills.
  • Accessing learning tasks at school and home.
  • Developing leisure pursuits, play skills and participating in family activities.
  • Developing confidence with community skills.
  • Concentration and attention.
  • Treatment of perception difficulties.
  • Assessing and sourcing user-friendly equipment for positioning, daily living activities, school and leisure activities.

We understand the importance of setting goals that are meaningful for our young clients and families.

For a detailed overview of our paediatric occupational therapy services, please turn to page 17 in our brochure:

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