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Client Stories

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Rehabilitation - Lauren's Story

Lauren is an intelligent 16 year old, born with cerebral palsy affecting her speech. Her Speech & Language Therapist Lindsay has been working with her for over 5 years, and the work they've done together has made a real difference to Lauren's life.

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Lauren is an intelligent teenager with Cerebral Palsy, just finishing her GCSE's. She aspires to work in textiles, photography, or media and we don't think anything will stop her. Her Speech and Language Therapist Lindsay has worked with Lauren for over 5 years and her specialist input has helped Lauren's confidence flourish.

"Her levels of speech have improved, but that's not the bit that's most rewarding - it's watching her confidence shine." - Lindsay

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Case Management - Ellis' Story

Ellis was born with cerebral palsy and is currently 19 years old. His Case Manager Janine has been working with him since he was 6 years old and the strength of their working relationship demonstrates just what a positive difference excellent case management can make.

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Ellis is an outgoing and sociable 19 year old with aspirations to join the army or design powerchairs. His Case Manager Janine works with him to help develop the skills he needs to live an independent life. In recent years he has gained organisational skills and has a hand in some of his some of his own affairs, such as managing his own bank account, planning weekends away, and taking a role in shift planning.

"I'm never surprised by anything that Ellis does, however, I am absolutely thrilled by what he's achieved." - Janine

Watch Ellis' Case Study to find out more about him and his experience with ILS Case Management:



Case Management - Saeed's Story

When Saeed was just three years old, he was involved in a serious road traffic accident. His accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury which led to right-side hemiplegia, visual impairment, learning difficulties and epilepsy.

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ILS’s Catherine Williams has worked with Saeed and his family since he was eight. She started as his occupational therapist, and when his legal case settled approximately five years ago, Saeed was referred to ILS case management.

Saeed’s case management services have covered all manner of support for him and his family. When Saeed was 16, Catherine encouraged him to set his own goals for his rehabilitation (a process which ILS Rehabilitation Solutions now use as an everyday tool for clients). This helped him to identify other leisure activities that he could become involved in, including cricket and pursuing his love of cooking.

As Saeed grew into a young man, Catherine has helped to support him and his family through his transition between educational facilities, providing housing adaptations to his family home enabling him to be more independent, and the recruitment of support-workers to carry out his on-going rehabilitation. Recruitment of the right support-workers has been essential to Saeed’s recovery and development. Saeed also has a very close link with his Physiotherapist, which has been pivotal in promoting his fitness, wellbeing and outdoor interests.

Saeed attended the National Star College, an Ofsted-outstanding specialist college and charitable organisation which works to support the ambitions of young people with disabilities. The NSC played an inspirational role in Saeed’s development. Saeed’s passion and skill for cricket has reached an incredible stage, as he plays for the Gloucestershire disabled cricket team, a truly phenomenal achievement. The NSC covered this in their news page here.

Now 21 years old, Saeed completed a final year at College, studying Employability Skills and securing a part time volunteer position in a local National Trust café. He also volunteers in the café at Gympanzees, a new organisation prompting inclusive physical activity in Bristol.

Saeed has a full diary, with his support workers enabling him to attend sports clubs, successfully complete his work placements, expand his functional maths and literacy skills and develop his independent living skills further.

Saeed’s future plans are to develop his involvement in the catering business and to live with support in his own home. Enabling Saeed to make choices and decisions about his life continues to be the emphasis for the person-centred planning approach used in ILS Case Management.



Rehabilitation Solutions - Jamie's Story

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Twenty three years ago, in August 1995, Jamie was knocked over by a car outside his family home aged just 7 years old. Jamie suffered a severe brain injury, resulting in his complete inability to walk, and severe epilepsy.

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Jamie was one of ILS’s first clients, and Karen Marie, our now director began his occupational therapy in 1999; proceeding to initiate case management shortly after. Since then, Jamie has had several ILS case managers assigned to his care. Now thirty years old, Jamie has been an ILS client for over seventeen years.

Since his accident, Jamie was in and out of hospital and undergoing rehabilitation for approximately ten years. He requires twenty four hour care and support, and uses a powered wheelchair both indoors and out.

In 2011 ILS case manager Eliot was assigned as Jamie’s case manager. Eliot has supported Jamie and his family in all manner of areas. From supporting his transition through educational facilities, to recruiting and supervising the correct support workers to aid his rehabilitation, and choosing vehicles that can be adapted for Jamie’s wheelchair. Jamie now has one main carer between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm which provides his mum, Lucy, some respite from his everyday care – a support that is very valued by the family. Jamie also has a physiotherapist and occupational therapist to continue his multi-disciplinary therapy. Alongside this, he is encouraged to do his recommended stretching, and uses his standing frame at home.

"It is a real privilege to work with Jamie and his family to help them work towards their goals. We learn and grow together" - Eliot Lamb

He works closely with a neurologist which has meant that his epilepsy is almost completely under control. Eliot also arranges bi-annual team meetings for Jamie, his family and his support workers to get together, review Jamie’s progress from the past six months, and set goals for the next.

"ILS helped us through some of our most difficult times" - Lucy, Jamie's mum

Recently, Eliot introduce Jamie to Disability Initiative, a charity run to support people with disabilities in partaking in activities. To date, Jamie has taken-part in boxing training, cooking, sewing and ceramics – a very good match for Jamie who is particularly creative. In his spare time, Jamie has been companion-cycling with his support-worker, enjoys going out for meals, and loves to play board games with his family and support worker.

"Feels like we have our own personal emergency service, my case manager is always there to help" - Jamie