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Ellis' Story


Ellis was born with cerebral palsy and is currently 19 years old. His Case Manager Janine has been working with him since he was 6 years old and the strength of their working relationship demonstrates just what a positive difference excellent case management can make.

Ellis is an outgoing and sociable 19 year old with aspirations to join the army or design powerchairs. His Case Manager Janine works with him to help develop the skills he needs to live an independent life. In recent years he has gained organisational skills and has a hand in some of his some of his own affairs, such as managing his own bank account, planning weekends away, and taking a role in shift planning.

"I'm never surprised by anything that Ellis does, however, I am absolutely thrilled by what he's achieved." - Janine

Watch Ellis' Case Study to find out more about him and his experience with ILS Case Management: