Commercial Terms

Flexible Business Terms

Our experience over more than 25 years enables us to understand that flexibility for fund holders and litigators is important for supporting our clients to achieve the best rehabilitation outcomes. 

Early Case Management Intervention

We recognise that funding is not always available immediately and that delays in completion of an INA and starting case management can be detrimental to your client. We can accommodate arrangements to help bridge the funding gap to enable an early INA or an early start to case management. This early intervention can be crucial for realising the rehabilitation outcomes.

If you would like to discuss deferred or flexible payment terms, please contact Christina Thornton on 01722 742442 or email


Fixed Monthly Case Management Payments

In response to feedback from Deputies we can now offer a new Fixed Monthly Payments model for managing case management costs, which includes:

Fixed Monthly Payments

Following an INA, or based on previous years costs, a schedule of monthly fixed payments is put in place, enabling easier budgeting of client’s funds.

Monthly Summary of Actual Hours Completed

A monthly summary is sent of actual hours of work completed with the monthly payments remaining the same until a review at the end of the first year.

Annual Review

The following year’s fixed monthly payment is recalculated and adjusted to redress any over or underpayment.


If you would like to request fixed monthly case management payments for your client, please contact Sarah Ransome on 01722 742442 or email