Work as a Case Manager

Growing your career with Case Management can be a fulfilling and beneficial experience, and ILS are proud to have over 25 years of experience in the industry.

What is a Case Manager?

Working within the medicolegal field, a Case Manager’s goal is to help the client regain and maintain their best quality of life. Work can include recruiting and managing carers and support workers, arranging accommodation adaptations, facilitating leisure activities, supporting clients through school, college or work placements, and liaising with fund holders to ensure adequate funding is always available to meet the client’s needs.

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With their client, and the client’s relatives, a Case Manager will identify and prioritise goals and work closely with families, fund-holders, and care teams to achieve them and support every aspect of their client’s wellbeing.

Case managers have one of the most rewarding jobs in the care field. By utilising your existing skills and experience, you can make a real difference to a client’s life.

Not only this, but case management in the private sector gives unique opportunities. You can be involved from the start of a client’s rehabilitation, building a good rapport and working relationship. They can be part of this journey, long or short, and see their clients achieve their goals, working to access cutting edge opportunities and services.

Case management is an opportunity to progress your career. You will be using your skills and experiences from your extensive clinical background but will also be playing a lead role in managing the overall package of care for your client.


Why Work for ILS?

ILS are a family friendly company who promote a healthy work-life balance. We are committed to supporting our case managers to enable them to provide the best possible care to our clients.

"I have been with ILS for over a year now - best decision I've ever made."

- Carol Malleson, Case Manager

Do You Have a Specialism in Spinal Injury Care?

ILS is enormously proud of the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills within its highly experienced case management team. One of the key areas for which we have an excellent reputation is supporting clients living with spinal injury.
If you are currently working in the field of spinal injury and are considering a move into case management but want to know more about it – watch this short film featuring ILS Spinal Case Manager Sophie Lester. Here she talks about her background in statutory services and the benefits and rewards of making the switch to work with clients as an ILS Case Manager. You can also read the full interview here.

Some of the benefits our case managers receive are:

  • Comprehensive induction and training
  • CPD support with regional and webinar-based training opportunities
  • Dedicated and experienced professional mentor and regular unlimited mentorship sessions
  • Bespoke training programme including litigation and court room skills
  • Fully funded memberships to the industry representative bodies BABICM and CMSUK
  • Support to and reward for achieving advanced membership of professional bodies
  • Formal mentoring
  • Payroll & HR management (from Head Office)
  • Administration, IT, and technical support (from Head Office)
  • Contributory pension
  • Death in service insurance
  • Very competitive annual leave allowance
  • Free bi-annual company conference – to share and learn, relax, and have some fun.

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Eliot Lamb Web

A great career!

I'm Eliot Lamb and I have been a member of the ILS Case Management team since 2006. Working as a Case Manager and Neurological Occupational Therapist with adults with complex needs as a result of sustaining a traumatic brain injury, I assist them to maximise their own potential in self-care, leisure and vocational activities.

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It's challenging work but I absolutely love my job. Joining ILS gave me the unique opportunity to combine my extensive experience in Occupational Therapy with the freedom to work using the person-centred approach that I have always advocated. This way of working is part of the DNA of the company and as individuals within the therapy team, we are actively encouraged to use our own professional judgement to assess and recommend solutions from the full range of therapy, equipment and adaptations that the client and their family need to bring about the best possible outcomes.

With fewer restrictions on my professional working practices than in many other establishments, I have the freedom to innovate and put into practice anything that I believe is the perfect match for my client's needs. Many of the families I work with have been involved in a litigation process as a result of the health difficulties they are facing. We are there to actively deliver the solutions that help them in the next phase of their lives and that's very rewarding.

With a 26-year heritage behind it and with a CEO who started out in OT, ILS is still the UK's leading family-friendly independent Case Management company and the career benefits of joining them have been considerable. These include an in-house Payroll service, access to a fantastic mentoring programme and a whole suite of in-house training opportunities. Together with an excellent Client HR recruitment service for engaging care teams to work alongside me, this all leaves me free to focus on individual and family needs.