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Adult Case Management

Our case managers are all specialists in providing case management and rehabilitation service packages for adults.

Their experience means that they are able to support adult clients with all manner of injuries, disabilities and mental health issues. This include adults who have very complex needs.

We appreciate the importance of getting clients assessed quickly in order to put the interventions in place to facilitate their recovery. To do this, we have developed a quick and streamlined process:

  • Initial enquiry.
  • ILS quote for clients ‘Initial Needs Assessment’ (INA) provided within 24 hours, CV of best-suited case manager is enclosed.
  • INA takes place with client and family members.
  • Case manager compiles in-depth report for proposed case management and rehabilitation package.
  • Instruction to commence is given from fund-holder.
  • Intervention begins immediately.

To find out more about what you can expect from an ILS case manager, the Initial Needs Assessment, and ILS support, download our brochure below.

ILS Case Management & Rehabilitation Solutions Brochure

Call to request an INA from our operations managers Phil Perry or Sarah Ransome on

01722 742 442

Meet the Case Manager

  • Eliot Lamb
  • Eliot Lamb

    Eliot joined ILS as a brain injury case manager in 2006.

    Eliot has considerable experience of case management of those with acquired brain injury focusing on maximizing their potential and ensuring they have access to the support they need to optimise their rehabilitation potential. As a case manager with an occupational therapy background Eliot approaches each situation from a client centred holistic perspective

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