Case Management - Saeed's Story

When Saeed was three years old, he was involved in a serious road traffic accident. As a result, he sustained a traumatic brain injury which led to right-side hemiplegia, visual impairment, learning difficulties and epilepsy.

Case Management - Emily's Story

On her way to a festival one evening in 2018, Emily was knocked down by a hit and run driver. Emily suffered a traumatic brain injury and was taken to hospital after being assessed by London Air Ambulance which is part of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

Jamie's Story

In August 1995, aged 7, Jamie was knocked over by a car outside his family home. Jamie suffered a severe brain injury; was unable to walk and had severe epilepsy.

Case Management - George's Story

Case Manager, Suzanne Dickinson, has 25 years’ experience as an OT and has been providing case management for adults who have a variety of conditions and complex needs, including ABI and spinal injury, for over 8 years. Using her person-centred approach, she supports her clients in adapting to disability, maximising their independence and accessing leisure pursuits and employment, skills that were brought to the fore recently when one of her clients, George expressed a desire to get a puppy.


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