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Linda Fry - BSc Occupational Therapy

Linda has worked as a Case Manager for Independent Living Solutions since 2017, having qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2011, from Sheffield Hallam University. Linda also has a number of other skills gained whilst working as a Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive’s Department of Lincolnshire County Council for 10 years, she has a range of organisational and secretarial skills key to leading a multi-disciplinary team.

As a Case Manager Linda is skilled in assessing complex needs of children and adults.


  • 5 years of community based paediatric experience.
  • Children’s Social Care experience, working closely with Social Workers and the wider MDT.
  • Experience working with adults with complex care needs in an acute setting. Covering condition management, rehabilitation and palliative care (end of life). Working with clients with acquired brain injury and challenging behaviour through long term rehabilitation
  • Experience of working with Plus Size People (Bariatric).
  • Well-versed in a broad range of Occupational Therapy assessments, interventions and outcomes restoring function and empowering individuals to reach their full potential in the community.
  • Excellent interpersonal/communication skills and proficiency in service user assessment, time management and therapy-program design/execution.
  • Enthusiastic team leader, deeply committed to delivering quality care and achieving superior individual outcomes as a member of a multidisciplinary case-management team.
  • Experience working within the military community with service personnel that have sustained life changing injuries.

Key Skills

Friendly and approachable highly skilled Occupational Therapist specialising in complex care cases. Experience of both Paediatric and Adult Services in both Social Care and Acute. Accredited moving and handling specialist and member of the National Back Exchange. Moving and Handling (training and problem solving), Risk Assessments, Restrictive Intervention Assessments, Assessments of Capacity (DOLs), Minor and Major Adaptations, 24 hour Posture Care and Seating, Challenging Behaviour and Routine, Specialist Equipment, Restorative Therapies (Graded Motor Imagery, Cognitive Rehab (memory and order processing), Coping Strategies for Promoting Independence following loss of Occupational Performance (compensatory or adaptive approach).


  • 01/2009 to date: British Association of Occupational Therapists, Member
  • 02/2014 to date: Member of COT Specialist Neurological Section
  • 04/2011 to date: Health Care Professionals Council: Member
    02/2017 to date: Member of COT Independent Practitioners Section
  • 03/2017 to date: Member of the National Back Exchange

Areas Covered

Within a one and a half hour drive from her base in Lincolnshire.


Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist – Level Three
01.02.15 to date, Nottingham City Council – Disabled Children’s Team
Case load of nearly 40 children responsibility for assessing and intervention planning for children in their home environment. Providing specialist seating and posture care. Assisting with rehousing and major adaptations to home environment in line with Disabled Facilities Grant criteria. Hospital discharge planning, attending sudden death enquiries and attendance at Multi Discipline Meetings to ensure the best outcome for children with disabilities.

  • Moving and handling training of carers and team members, producing risk assessments and restrictive intervention assessments. Referring to Mobility Services, Behavioural Management Services and Outreach Services.
  • Working with the team’s sensory Occupational Therapist to provide intervention plans for children experiencing difficulties at home using the Sensory Circuit to assist with behavioural issues.
  • Provision of Assistive Technology through the pooled Health/Social Care budgets providing anything from simple door sensors to complex environmental controls by RSL Steeper.

Specialist Occupational Therapist (Band 6/7 equivalent)
01.10.13 – 30.01.15, Pathfinders Complex Care Limited.
Working with clients with neurological conditions that were unable to live at home due to high care needs, brain injury rehabilitation, bariatric and palliative care.

  • Intervention and care planning. Therapies included hand therapy, mirror imagery therapy, cognitive therapy, (order processing and memory), ADL interventions, Assistive Technology Therapy and working with residents to improve communication skills with the assistance of a Gridplayer 2 or PEC systems.
  • Responsibility for all Moving and Handling training for staff and families.
  • Tasked with scheduling all activities for the residents ensuring that they were meaningful and graded to allow for all capabilities. Responsible for the day to day management of both the Therapy Assistant and the Activities Assistant including supervision and appraisal.
  • Responsibility for LOHLER checks, maintenance and purchasing of all equipment within the home.

Occupational Therapist
01.04.2011 – 30.09.13, Lincolnshire County Council – Children with Disabilities Team. (G9)
Working with children with complex disabilities and their families, promoting independence in the community.

  • Responsible for completing assessments of need, arranging provision of equipment, making recommendations for adaptations to property in both the private and public housing sector, working closely with Lincolnshire District Councils and Disabled Facilities Grants Officers to ensure provision of adaptations to suit the needs of the children requiring the adaptations. Undertaking moving and handling risk assessments and provision of hoisting equipment and slings.
  • Reviewing packages of moving and handling equipment on a yearly basis ensuring documentation was current and to date.
  • Offering service users and their family’s therapeutic advice to assist them in reaching their full potential and finding solutions to any difficulties they were currently facing.
  • Following safeguarding and data protection procedures.

Maintaining Excellence

Linda is committed to maintaining her skills and abilities regularly attending CPD opportunities to ensure that all her knowledge is current.

Linda is committed to maintaining her skills and abilities and engages readily in a varied training supported by ILS covering the following areas:

  • Recruitment and Employment
  • Moving and Handling
  • Litigation Training
  • Emergency First aid at work
  • Managing the complexities of running a care team
  • Safeguarding
  • Management of Risk

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