Lynn Vale

Neurological Physiotherapist | Adults
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  • 23 years experience as a Neurological Physiotherapist
  • Accessing specialist services
  • Clinical educator for neurological technologies
  • Clinical specialist with neurological technology (Exoskeleton and NMES)
  • Complex needs assessments
  • Development of clinical evidence
  • Joint MDT working
  • Managing physiotherapy services
  • Professional reports
  • Range of neurological conditions such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, MS and CP

Key Skills

  • Strong advocate for clients
  • Clear, concise reports
  • Compassionate and empathetic
  • Strong, dynamic, and adaptive communication skills
  • Holistic approach to rehab and recovery
  • Client-centred and goal-focused.
  • Appraising and the development of clinical evidence


I am a neurological physiotherapist with 23 years of experience and I have worked in the public and private sectors and as a clinical specialist for leading neurological medical device companies. My career path means I have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the neurological rehabilitation sector. Implementing this knowledge and expertise has positively enhanced clients’ lives when they have sustained catastrophic and life-changing injuries.

Professionally and personally, I am passionate about enhancing the well-being of my clients. My empathetic and holistic approach enables me to work with my clients to identify what is relevant and essential during their journey as they transition to a new way of life following their injury. I identify solutions, implement a plan, and provide bespoke input to my clients including working with them to adapt hobbies that they once enjoyed.

Previous Clinical Experience

Consultant Clinical Specialist, B-Temia (Keeogo)

  • Exoskeleton assessment, evaluation, and clinical reasoning
  • Product training for clinicians and end users
  • Creating and implementing White papers
  • Marketing
  • Provision of clinical support to end-user and clinicians
  • Provision of workshops and In-service training.

Neurological Physiotherapist, A step in the right direction

  • Provision of specialist rehabilitation to adults following a brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, and MS
  • Completing complex clinical reports and risk assessments
  • Client advocate at medical appointments
  • Promoting clients to engage in social activities.
  • Assisting clients in navigating the public healthcare system
  • Signposting clients and families for additional support.

Clinical Director, LV Rehabilitation

  • Implementing standards of neurological assessment
  • Delivery of in-service training
  • Clinical supervision
  • Business development
  • Report writing for medical and case management teams.
  • MDT working and referral.
  • Sourcing and accessing appropriate equipment as an adjunct to the client’s therapy.

Senior Neurological Physiotherapist, Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital

  • Complex neurological assessment and evaluation and implementation of treatment plans.
  • Recommendations and sourcing appropriate equipment for clients.
  • MDT working
  • Implementing training to adopt and foster a 24-hour rehabilitation approach.
  • Co-management of physiotherapy services.
  • Conducting appraisals
  • Supporting physiotherapists with career development and training
  • Report writing for case managers and legal teams.
  • Organising patient social activities outside therapy hours.

Business Development Manager, Neurostimulation, Ottobock Health Care PLC

  • Support product launch with the marketing and the commercial team.
  • Clinical product training for AHP
  • Clinical guidance and support for stakeholders, end users, and health professionals.
  • Development of clinical evidence for the product.
  • Supporting the development of new products and upgrading product design.

Exoskeleton Clinical Specialist, Ekso Bionics EMEA

FES Clinical Specialist, Bioness

Neurological Physiotherapist, NHS

Professional Qualifications & Affiliations

  • HCPC
  • WFN (World Federation of Neurology)
  • CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists)
  • Royal Life Saving Society UK.
  • ACPIN connecting knowledge and practice.

Maintaining Excellence

Lynn is committed to maintaining her skills and abilities and engages readily in varied training supported by Independent Living Solutions Ltd which includes the following areas:

  • Capacity and Consent
  • Safeguarding Training: Adults 25/07/23 and Children 20/02/24
  • Recruitment and Employment
  • Litigation
  • Management of Risk
  • Moving and Handling
  • GDPR