Immediate Needs Assessments

ILS has been assessing clients with complex disabilities and providing clear, concise and comprehensive reports since 1992.

One of the first Case Management companies to provide Immediate Needs Assessments in accordance to the 2007 Rehabilitation Code, our Case Managers appreciate the importance of getting clients assessed quickly and thoroughly. We don’t operate a waiting list.

Our INAs are carried out by our team of highly skilled Case Managers, all of whom are health or social care professionals with significant clinical experience, supported by their Professional Mentor.

What to expect

Upon receiving a referral, we send a quote for an assessment within 24 hours. Once authorised, we contact the client and/or family within 2 working days and arrange a face-to-face visit within 14 days, subject to the client’s availability. The report is sent out within 10 working days of the visit.

We always tailor the assessment visit to the client’s needs, for example paced if fatigue is an issue or working with parents prior to a child returning from school if needed.

Included in the report

Our comprehensive assessment identifies the needs of the client and their family, as well as context to help better understand the situation and recognise the impact of their injury – for example the restrictions on daily life and previous and current occupational status. The report includes the priorities identified by the client and their family, which are key in providing successful client centred Case Management.

These needs are key in identifying and prioritising recommendations and an estimate of Case Management input going forward.

“The staff we spoke with were knowledgeable about people’s individual needs and how best to meet them” – CQC

For more information or to ask for an assessment quote, please call our Operations Team on 01722 742442.

Call to request an INA from Susie Quinlan or Janet Cook, our Operations Managers on

01722 742 442