World Music Day: Music & Brain Injury

on Thursday, 20 June 2019. Posted in Industry news

World Music Day: Music & Brain Injury

Tomorrow is Make Music Day UK or Fete de la Musique, which has been celebrated worldwide on June 21st since it was founded in France in 1981.

In the UK and around the world, the longest day of the year is marked with free music events taking place all over the country. The aim is to showcase the variety of music and talent in every community, which is often hidden and encourage more people to participate in music, bringing communities together.

Whilst practising music, like yoga (21st also marks International Day of Yoga) has been shown to be beneficial to people of all kinds, it can be especially beneficial to those with a brain injury in the form of music therapy.

“Music therapy is a form of psychological therapy using music, sound, instruments, and music technology to support people to understand themselves and make positive changes in their lives.”Chroma 

From listening to music to aid pain, singing to help with speech, using rhythm to aid motor function, music can be hugely beneficial to those with brain injuries.

Some benefits

  • Encourages self-expression [1] [2]
  • Increases confidence and communication [1]
  • Improves concentration [1]
  • Improve motor function and coordination, for example walking difficulties [1] [2]
  • Facilitates physical healing [2]
  • Improves speech skills [2]
  • Can help control pain [2]
  • Inexpensive [7]

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