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Moving and Handling

Our team of moving and handling professionals aim to find the most effective and practical solutions for our clients at home, at work, at school, on holiday, and for participating in all leisure activities.

ILS moving and handling advisors work to promote a holistic, dynamic, on-going risk assessment process. We encourage our clients to participate in their moving rehabilitation whilst ensuring that handling risks are managed with their support workers.

To achieve our client’s goals we:

  • Support children and adults who need assistance in maximising their care, leisure, or learning opportunities.
  • Consider the need and benefits of tasks to our client’s self-esteem, physical potential, and motivation.
  • Consider the variation in support worker abilities, the frequency of task, duration of task, and the environment.
  • Have expertise in working with clients who have complex needs.
  • The key to our success is listening to the wishes of our clients and working with them to achieve this within the health and safety framework.

We can offer:

  • Assessment of current and long terms needs, particularly in the home environment.
  • Risk assessments and bespoke training for support workers, parents and professionals.
  • Practical advice and information on moving and handling equipment.
  • Sling and hoist assessments.
  • Advice during the planning of adaptations, on the layout of rooms and the positioning of equipment to maximise your client’s potential.
  • Advice on solutions for accessing leisure activities.

If you wish to discuss your client’s moving and handling requirements please call the team coordinator, Pat Mitchell on 01722 742442 who will be happy to assist and provide a quote.

Alternatively you can download our brochure below for more information about ILS Rehabilitation Solutions and the other services we can offer.

ILS Rehabilitation Solutions Brochure