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Neurological Occupational Therapy

Service coordinator: Alison Nock

Our specialist neurological occupational therapists have extensive experience working with clients who have sustained a brain injury or other neurological diagnosis, as well as those who have physical, mental health or social difficulties.

We deliver a friendly, personalised, and professional service which includes individualised assessments and rehabilitation packages for adults, aiming to optimise a client’s independence and level of function.

To achieve our client’s goals we will:

  • Complete a thorough personalised assessment and agree client-focused goals.
  • Implement a therapy programme to maximise our client’s abilities; this may include expanding activity opportunities and focus on specific neurological techniques to address difficulties with cognitive, sensory, and motor skills.
  • Teach support workers and family to implement the therapy programme effectively.
  • Work with clients to develop compensatory strategies for organisational and planning problems.
  • Teach independent living skills including personal care, domestic, and financial management
  • Enable a client to identify and carry out fulfilling leisure activities.
  • Assess for and identify specialist equipment including mobility aids, vehicles, wheelchairs and artificial limbs and adaptive aids for the home environment.
  • Assess for and recommend assistive technologies including environmental aids to promote independence.

If you wish to discuss your client’s Neuro OT requirements please call the team’s coordinator, Alison on 01722 742442 who will be happy to assist and provide a quote.

Alternatively you can download our brochure below for more information about ILS Rehabilitation Solutions and the other services we can offer.

ILS Rehabilitation Solutions Brochure

Or visit our Occupational Therapy for Children service page