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Posture Management

Service coordinator: Sarah Brown

Our team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists are specialists in assessment and provision of bespoke equipment for people of all ages who have complex physical needs.

We assess for specialist positioning equipment, including wheelchairs and customised seating, by undertaking a comprehensive assessment of our clients’ personal and physical needs; this includes a thorough biomechanical assessment.

We work collaboratively with clients, families, care teams and home and community therapists to ensure a coordinated approach to providing 24-hour posture management.

We take pride in the personalised service we can provide to our clients; our aim is to enable each individual to maximise their function and potential.

We can offer:

  • A team of highly qualified therapists with specialist skills who can work with children and adults with complex physical needs to provide bespoke posture management solutions.
  • Provision of in-depth assessment and detailed reports with recommendations and action plans.
  • Joint working with specialist equipment providers and clients’ therapists.
  • Support in acquiring appropriate wheelchair seating and posture management equipment.
  • Coordination of reviews to ensure ongoing comfort and suitability of equipment
  • 24-hour posture management advice, inclusive of our clients’ lifestyle choices and postural needs.
  • Exploring practical solutions for our client, their families and care teams.
  • Training for clients, family, care teams, school teams to provide 24-hour postural management programmes, including the use of equipment, in collaboration with clients’ therapists.

If you wish to discuss your client’s posture management, please call the team’s coordinator, Sarah on 01722 742442 who will be happy to assist and provide a quote.

Alternatively, you can download our brochure below and turn to page 13 for more information about our Posture Management team. 

ILS Rehabilitation Solutions Brochure