What is Case Management?

What is Case Managemet Copy

The primary focus of a Case Manager is the client’s best interests first and foremost, coordinating care and rehabilitation, tailored to their specific needs following a life-changing injury. 

Their aim is always to enable the client to regain and maintain the best quality of life, by working closely with them, their families, and care teams to support every aspect of the client’s physical, cognitive, and emotional wellbeing.

The practicalities of a Case Manager’s role can be as diverse as the individual they support. Our Case Managers have helped clients to achieve their goals, such as returning to work, visiting festivals with their friends, going camping, choosing and using adapted vehicles, independently visiting shops or the local pub and enjoying family holidays – things that are easy to take for granted but that are important in restoring some sense of normality and enjoyment to everyday life. 

The role of the Case Manager can often be misunderstood, and the best way to describe it is somebody who facilitates a client through the recovery and rehabilitation journey following traumatic and catastrophic injury”.


Catherine Sherrington, ILS Case Manager


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