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About ILS

ILS was founded as Independent Living Solutions Ltd in 1992. Founded by Elaine Gipson, we began in a small office in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

An Occupational Therapist, Elaine’s background focused predominantly around her expert witness work. When several adult and later, paediatric client cases were referred to her for case management, she hired Karenmarie, another occupational therapist and now director, and widened her search for case managers to support her clients. At a time when case management was still in its infancy, Elaine’s aim was to establish a very experienced group of case managers, from a wide range of clinical backgrounds, who were able to coordinate the very best comprehensive package of care and rehabilitation for people whose lives had been changed by injury.

Over the next 10 years ILS significantly grew. Our case management team developed across the UK, and we employed more head office staff in Wiltshire to support them, moving to a bigger office in Wilton. It was then in 2012 that ILS rehabilitation solutions was established. After recognising the need for more of a holistic care package, ILS rehabilitation solutions was set-up to provide a high quality range of specialist rehabilitation services.

To date, we are able to offer our clients case management and rehabilitation as separate services, or as a service package combining both, based on their needs.

Despite the development of the ILS brand throughout the years, our mantra remains the same: When a person’s life has been changed by injury, we address the practicalities. We work with children and adults who have had moderate through to catastrophic injury, complex disabilities and polytrauma. We work with clients who have acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, trauma injury, cerebral palsy, multiple orthopaedic injuries, and mental health issues. We assess individual needs and are able to provide a comprehensive case management and rehabilitation service designed to maximise independence.

To date, ILS employs over 50 case managers and 60 rehabilitation solutions therapists throughout the UK. Supporting them, we now have almost 40 head office staff in Wiltshire.

After 26 years’ in the industry, we’re incredibly proud to be one of the UK’s leading case management and rehabilitation companies.

Our Mission

  • To provide a high quality, comprehensive case management and rehabilitation service to people with all types of disability.

  • To have a client-centred approach at the forefront of everything we do, putting the needs of our clients first

  • To work collaboratively and effectively with other professionals in order to provide the best service.

  • To be responsive and flexible in our approach to ensure we meet the needs our clients.

  • To provide a nationwide service with a local focus.

  • To be a highly effective, accountable and efficient organisation.

  • To be responsive to change.