About ILS

We recently identified our company values by involving our national staff teams in order to encapsulate exactly what defines us as a business.

When the results were unveiled, our CEO’s were delighted to find that the 5 values chosen strongly reflected the ethos and approach that ILS had from the day it was formed over 25 years ago.

These qualities inform how we run the business day to day and encompass our case management, client payroll and rehabilitation services as well as our approach to HR and recruitment. They underpin everything we do and reflect how our clients, referrers and colleagues experience ILS.

Positive Resize

Our Mission

  • To provide a high quality, comprehensive case management and rehabilitation service to people with all types of disability.

  • To have a client-centred approach at the forefront of everything we do, putting the needs of our clients first

  • To work collaboratively and effectively with other professionals in order to provide the best service.

  • To be responsive and flexible in our approach to ensure we meet the needs our clients.

  • To provide a nationwide service with a local focus.

  • To be a highly effective, accountable and efficient organisation.

  • To be responsive to change.